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Day Five Rocked!

I am LOVING day 5!! The rain was softly falling this morning and I actually had to wear a jacket to work today. I'm glad the leaves are coming down before we get our first snow this year.  It smelled so nice when I got out of work, it makes me really happy for autumn this year.  :)

Day 5 in my motivation book suggests keeping what the author calls a "magic notebook".  Essentially, it's just a place where you explore your thoughts about food and exercise.  That's pretty much what I'm doing here, at least for the next 100 days, anyway.
Well, one of the suggestions she makes I really like. 
She says that one exercise that is really good for someone trying to lose weight and deal with food cravings is to "eat it later".
The idea is that just because your senses have told you that something would taste good doesn't mean you have to eat it at that moment.
For instance, let's say you go to the movie theatre and the smell of popcorn bombards your senses.
It is a biological response to be interested in having some, but you don't have to have it then.  Let the moment pass and forget about the popcorn.  Maybe even write down in your notebook, "buttered movie popcorn".  Then decide to have some *later*.

Practicing this delayed gratification can often help deal with food cravings in a healthy way.
You don't have to deprive yourself of the less-than-healthy foods all the time, but if you delay eating them, it will help you feel good about sticking to your plan.

Good idea.  Today, as I walked past the grill at work I thought, "Ooo, a grilled cheese sandwich sounds good."
Rather than ditch my steamed veggies and chicken lunch, I just decided to have one on my day off. 
I never thought about it again.  Easy-peasy. :)

In other news, my mom sent me a picture of Griffon while I was at work today.  He is getting so big.
Jerry and I are having a costume-optional Samhain party this weekend and that will be fun, but I'm also looking forward to having my 5-day off stretch so I can curl up with Jerry and the baby.  :D

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