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Post as Promised...

I promised an additional post today so here it is:
It is COLD in the pumping room today. I don't know if that makes for more milk or less, but I am downright chilly!

As to other things going on in my life, I have this upcoming weekend off, so on one hand that's good, but on the other, I'm working 4 out of the next 5 days. :b
Hopefully I won't be ill over this next weekend like I was on my last weekend off.

This next weekend I'm planning some fun things. We're having friends over for a Samhain/Halloween potluck. I'm calling it a gathering and not a party b/c we'll have to keep things pretty mellow so we don't wake the baby (he sleeps upstairs).
Then on Sunday, my mom is coming over and we're going to hand out candy to the trick or treaters.
After that, I don't go back to work until Thursday, so I should get to cuddle up with my family a bit and maybe catch some lunches out with friends. Yay!

I'm thinking about making some new videos for youtube, BTW. I've got about 10 on my channel (also called neolithicmoon), but they are pretty old. Some are original songs and some are covers. There's even one of my punkin' at 2 months old. I just don't know what songs I'd like to cover now. Hmmm.

I guess that's about it. I'll post again tomorrow for my weight loss challenge. It's going well so far today. :)

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