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Mommy Lunch!

I am at Goldbergs. Jerry's watching the peanut so I could sneak out for a bit. I'm just going to grab a quick lunch and maybe pick up Huffington's new book for Jerry's birthday on Friday.
Jerry actually has a fairly busy day today. He's going to pop out to the grocery store, he has homework to do, and Devin's coming by for dinner tonight. Fun!
Sometime this week I really need to go to Mangelsen's and look through their cake supplies. I'm having a Samhain gathering and I'd really like to make a haunted house cake (I did make some practice sugar cookies today, too.)

I decided to stop at Goldberg's cause I have a powerful burger craving. Probably b/c I haven't had much in the way of protein today. It's amazing how easy it is to neglect your own needs with a baby in your lap. :)

Other projects I'd like to work on: a cake for Jerry's birthday, I'd like to play guitar more and make some videos, and I'd really like to finally make some paintings to hang in the living room.

Oh, as a side note, Jerry's dad is coming to visit this week. I'm sure I'll journal a bit about that in the coming days. :)

I love my life!

Today I am making chili.
I am having chili with Jerry and Megan, and I am hanging out with my 3-month old son, Griffon, who amazes me every day.
I've had a touch of a cold all week, but apparently, when a nursing mother catches a virus, her body starts dumping large amounts of antibodies into her breast milk that are specific to that virus. Result? Baby doesn't catch mama's cold. Amazing!
My life is so different now, on a day-to-day level since I've had Griff. I hardly go out anymore and any tasks I do get done around his sleeping and eating schedule. I personally feel much more mellow and the really astonishing thing is that none of these things are negative.
I love it all. I genuinely enjoy just being home with him and when we do go out, even if it is someplace I once considered boring, like the grocery store, well, it just takes on a whole new excitement because I'm watching him experience it for the first time.
It becomes all, "Oooo, look Griff, eggs! Look at the little boxes they come in. Let's open one -- OH MY! They are all lined up and cold! Eggs!"
It sounds ridiculous, but it is just so much fun.
I think I was somewhat prepared for the responsiblity part of motherhood, but the contentment I feel has come as a giant surprise.

Well, I promise not to spend every post gushing about how amazing my baby is.
I just want everyone to know, however, that I may have lost some of my angsty edge. It's hard to be cool and bitter when your life is this good.
Maybe I'm just growing up after all. :)

Hello Again, Livejournal...

So, as much as I've enjoyed facebook and all the quick updates, I've recently found it a little shallow.
Basically...I miss blogging.  I miss long notes and pointless memes.
I miss having 100 userpics to choose from to express the overall idea behind every little post and comment.
I even miss Frank.

Besides, I was reading through my old LJ entries (old accounts), and realized that they are basically a running record of my twenties.
It's the most consistent journal-ing I've ever done, oddly.  In fact, I'm looking into getting them printed so I have a hard copy at home.  Weird, right?

Anyway, after some thought, I decided to start a new account.
So...here it is.
Let the journal-ing begin!  :)

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