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Happy Samhain!

Is it odd to wish someone a happy Samhain? It is the moment where the year goes from bright to dark, the last of the harvest reapings, the center of the crossroads.
Usually this time of year is all about the future for me. In the past it has always been about what comes next.
This year is different, however. In a lot of ways, I suppose. Samhain for me this year because it is all about where I am right now.
Maybe this is because I have Griffon and it's like the physical marker of another human so connected to my life. Before, I could look back 10 years and think, "Oh, that's when I was really into...alternative music or whatever.". Now though, my entire life will be marked by his firsts as he changes and grows.
"That was 2010, because you learned to hold up your head" or "that was 2015 because you got yourself breakfast by yourself for the first time", or "that was June because that's when you were born."

It has made me acutely aware of his change, and by extension, my own

Samhain for me this year is the moment of silence at the bottom between breaths.
Life is change and I do my best to accept that, but this, right now, is the only time I will have THIS moment with THIS child and I guess I don't want it to pass unnoticed.

None of this is somber at all. In fact, I don't know that I've ever been so excited or joy-filled as I am now, celebrating each step. So...Happy Samhain, everyone.

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