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Day 2 -- Committed or commit me...

This is day 2 of my 100day weight loss challenge. Yesterday started great, but I had a little cake at Jerry's birthday. It may have been a dumb day to start. I went over my calorie count for the day, but that's part of what makes today's topic so good.

Interest vs Commitment

My book says that when you are interested in weight loss, it is easy to change plans (ie:cheat) when a better option comes along (like a birthday party). :b
Being committed to it means being focused on your goals *no matter what*. You no longer need constant results to keep your motivation strong because you *know* that results will follow eventually.

I was committed last time. I lost almost 30lbs before the pregnancy and did it with calorie counting and exercise. I really felt like it didn't matter what the scale said b/c I knew I was getting healthier week by week, moment by moment.

I would like to get my "no matter what" attitude back. I know what to do & I know it works for me, I just need to DO it.

So...I need to do one thing today which demonstrates my commitment to my weight loss over the next 100 days (Yikes! Only 99 days now.). I am at work today, so here are my goals:

Today I will eat sensibly and avoid all the snacks in the nurse's station.
Today I will take the stairs down to the cafeteria.
Today I will drink all 8 glasses of water before I go home tonight!


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