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Buh-Bye Pregnancy Paunch!!

Okay, so baby is coming up on 4 months old and I have yet to start losing weight again.  This ends today.
I have logged back onto Livestrong.com (they have a great weight and calorie tracker I love) and I'm going to start daily journaling about the process.  They say it takes 100 days to develop a strong habit, and I bought a motivation book with fitness thoughts for the first 100 days, so let's see what I can do on a 100 day challenge!  :)

For future motivation, here is my list of reasons for why I want to lose weight in the first place:
1.  I want to be healthy and longer-lived for my family.
2.  I want to have enough endurance to PLAY hard with Griffon as he grows.
3.  I want to have more endurance for "adult play" with my wonderful husband.
4.  I'm not totally non-narcissitic, I also want to look smoother & wear a smaller size!
5.  I want to feel good after meals, not slow and ill like I do sometimes now.

Day I: "I used to be that way"
My daily motivator says that often diets fail because we expect them to.  We have fallen into the same old traps and play the same on again-off again weight games.  Here is my mantra for today:  My past does not determine my future.  A past failure has NO effect on what my outcome may be today.  The author suggests that whenever doubts about sticking to my diet or exercise plan creep in, I should change my thinking.  
"I used to be that way, but now I'm different."

Here are some of my old thoughts about dieting with new endings added:
I used to give up any diet plan after a month or so, but now I am planning changes for a new way to live my life.
I used to have excuses that kept me out of the gym, but now I get activity in wherever I am.
I used to perceive myself as a plump (albeit vivaceous) woman, but now I perceive myself as a woman who can be any size I choose.
I used to choose the easiest path, closest parking, or least amount of stairs, but now I choose the path that will be best for my heart.

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